About Us

Racal Acoustics delivers reliable, versatile audio communications while maintaining the highest levels of user safety and comfort. Our products feature the latest digital signal processing and acoustic design. Real users in real-world conditions rely on us for world-class hearing protection and communications.

Complete range of adapted solutions

Racal Acoustics solutions include headsets for high-noise, medium-noise, and dismounted applications, as well as accessories, for use in paramilitary, first-responder, aviation, and industrial markets

State-of-the-art communication and hearing protection technologies

Our engineers take end-user feedback very seriously and develop innovative, responsive solutions using a range of technologies to meet specific application and duration requirements.

  • Digital signal processing
  • Upgradeable, software-defined functions
  • Active noise reduction (ANR)
  • Talk-through
  • Battery power for autonomous, untethered operation
  • Modular designs, simple to configure and upgrade

Racal Acoustics headsets offer exceptional hearing protection and communications in a range of environments and applications.