Products and Services

Racal Acoustics develops high-noise, medium-noise and dismounted applications solutions for use in military, paramilitary, first responder, aviation and industrial markets.

While these market segments can share many fundamental requirements, they each also have unique operational issues. We address these needs with features tailored specifically to exact end-user applications.

Our engineers create innovative solutions, always taking in consideration end-user feedback. In every one of our products, we are dedicated to delivering clear communications, ruggedness, comfort, compatibility with other equipment, and an ergonomic design.

High-Noise Solutions

This series of Racal Acoustics headsets delivers high-performance circumaural solutions engineered for high-noise aviation and mounted-soldier applications. With active noise reduction (ANR) and advanced earshell design to defeat high ambient noise levels, our headsets offer situational awareness, clear communications, ruggedness, and comfort.

Medium-Noise Solutions

Our high-performance medium-noise headsets feature an advanced earshell design and our proprietary active noise reduction (ANR) technology to defeat medium noise levels in industrial, aviation, and military applications.

Dismounted Application Solutions

Our dismounted application solutions such as PTT’s, handsets and lightweight headsets integrate intelligibility, ruggedness, reliability, stability, comfort, and ease of use in one package. They are ideal in military tactical applications or for continual use in stressful environments such as air-traffic control centers.