Dismounted Application Solutions

Our dismounted application solutions integrate intelligibility, ruggedness, reliability, stability, comfort, and ease of use in one package. They are ideal in military tactical applications or for continual use in stressful environments such as air-traffic control centers.

RA3185 Modular Cobra

Our RA3185 Modular Cobra headset is designed for dismounted use in low-noise environments, where hearing protection is not required, providing unimpaired situational awareness.

RA112 Jetlite

Our RA112 Jetlite headset is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for continual use in stressful environments, including air-traffic control, flight decks, broadcasting, call centers, and more.

RA250 Slimline Handset

Our rugged RA250 handset meets military standards for operation, reliability, and electromagnetic compatibility. Its low-profile earpiece ensures communications intelligibility with a protective helmet, and its adaptable design allows a range of customized configurations for specific requirements.