The ELITE Hearing Protection System is a plug-and-play in-ear headset and switch-box combination that delivers world-class noise attenuation, local sound awareness at safe levels, and top-quality natural-sounding audio. The ELITE system is ergonomically designed for comfort and intuitive use.

The ELITE system protects your hearing in high-noise environments through innovative acoustically tuned passive attenuation and advanced feed-forward active noise reduction (ANR) to provide protection against continuous noise and sudden acoustic shock, while maintaining high-fidelity local sound awareness and clear intelligible communications.

The ELITE headset takes only seconds to fit and is comfortable to use for long periods, thanks to a unique patented vented-earpiece design, three headset wearing options, and the widest choice of shallow insertion earbuds.

The RA7000 control unit is an advanced communication control that lets you manage multiple communications devices. It quickly connects to radios, intercoms, and smart phones, allowing you to continuously monitor up to four communication channels and immediately access any of them through four PTT buttons for clear speech transmission.