High-Noise Solutions

Racal Acoustics’ high-noise product range delivers high-performance circumaural solutions engineered for high-noise aviation and mounted-soldier applications. With active noise reduction (ANR) and advanced earshell design to defeat high ambient noise levels, our headsets offer situational awareness, clear communications, ruggedness, and comfort.

RA4000 Magna

Our RA4000 Magna digital headset offers unprecedented performance in hearing protection, sound quality, reliability, and versatility, for outstanding overall value.

RA101 Jetgard

Our RA101 Jetgard aviation headset is designed for the professional user in helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft applications where clarity of communications, reliability, and comfort are essential.

RA108 Slimgard II

The RA108 Slimgard II earshells offer ANR combined with passive noise attenuation for excellent speech intelligibility and hearing protection.

RA180 Crewgard

The RA180 headset’s excellent noise attenuation is suitable for tracked combat-vehicle crews, fast-jet ground crews, or any high-noise application where a close-fitting ballistic helmet is not required.

RA195 iCombat

Our RA195 iCombat infantry headset is an improved version of the in-service British Army RA195 Combat unit. It has proven acoustic performance capable of meeting the latest health and safety legislation in high noise levels such as those found in V430 and Warrior vehicles.

RA315 Integrated Helmet System

The RA315 IHS is available for a variety of intercom systems supporting ANR, enabling improved speech intelligibility and hearing protection for crews in high-noise vehicles.