RA108 Slimgard II

We originally designed our RA108 Slimgard II headset to meet the communication and hearing protection needs of US mechanised infantry operating in tracked vehicles, wearing close fitting PASGT-style ballistic helmets. We subsequently developed a variant for the Canadian Iris system.

RA108 units are now fielded worldwide — including Canada, Australia, Austria, and Spain — for infantry commander and passenger applications, in both tracked and wheeled APCs.

Summary of Features

  • Passive and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) versions
  • Talk-Through
  • Compatible with close fitting ballistic helmets
  • Removable microphone boom arm
  • Comfortable earcushions
  • Versions available for a variety of intercom systems


The RA108 Slimgard II earshells offer ANR combined with passive noise attenuation for excellent speech intelligibility and hearing protection.

The earshell design is compatible with the most close-fitting ballistic helmet. An over-helmet strap allows the headset to be donned and doffed without removing the helmet, which is vital when exiting a vehicle rapidly.

The Talk-Through facility enables normal face-to-face conversation without having to remove the headset.

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