RA180 Crewgard

Our RA180 Crewgard headset was originally designed for the British Army’s Challenger II main battle tank and continues to offer high levels of attenuation through a combination of passive and active noise reduction (ANR).

Summary of Features

  • High noise attenuation, circa 35 dB with ANR
  • Talk Through
  • Choice of electret or dynamic noise-cancelling microphones
  • Improved comfort earcushions
  • Variants available customized for specific intercom systems


Excellent speech intelligibility and hearing protection are assured through the combination of passive and active noise reduction. Earcushion materials ensure a comfortable fit even when worn for long periods of time.

The RA180 headset’s excellent noise attenuation is suitable for tracked combat-vehicle crews, fast-jet ground crews, or any high-noise application where a close-fitting ballistic helmet is not required.

Ordering Information

The RA180 headset is configured almost exclusively for the General Dynamics intercom family which shares a common audio interface, i.e. Clansman, Iris, Bowman, and MESHnet.

It features a sprung neckband and overhead straps with line powered Talk Through, ANR, and Voice Operated Switch (VOS) as standard, unless otherwise stated. The RA180/1025 MK II variant is configured for Bowman with improvements to the ANR, attenuation, earcushions, flexi boom arm, and noise cancelling microphone.

Variants to suit other intercom systems can be configured from the RA315 IHS which shares the same earshell design. A passive variant can also be configured.

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