RA195 iCombat

Our RA195 iCombat infantry headset is an improved version of the in-service British Army RA195 Combat unit. It has proven acoustic performance capable of meeting the latest health and safety legislation in high noise levels such as those found in V430 and Warrior vehicles.

Summary of Improvements

  • Compatible with UK Bowman system
  • Enhanced earcushion materials
  • Redesigned, flexible microphone boom
  • Upgraded microphone insert
  • Upgraded ANR module

Detailed Features and Benefits

Modified electronics for compatibility with the UK Bowman System

  • Noise-tracking, Voice Operated Switch (VOS) essential for speech intelligibility when operating with ‘live mic’
  • Significant performance improvements in head-out, windy situations

Enhanced earcushion materials

  • Specifically designed for optimum noise attenuation and comfort
  • Improved comfort yields reduced fatigue on long missions
  • No leaking or hardening that can degrade the acoustic seal
  • Easy replacement during routine maintenance

Redesigned, flexible microphone boom arm

  • Easier to position than the in-service articulated boom arm
  • More robust and less prone to damage
  • Improved microphone housing
  • Replaceable

Upgraded microphone insert

  • More effective noise-cancelling properties
  • Better prevention of ambient noise even entering the communication system
  • Superior speech intelligibility

Upgraded ANR module

  • Typical 2-3 dB improvement
  • Improved speech intelligibility
  • Reduction in noise exposure and fatigue

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