We engineered our RA315 IHS to provide reliable voice communication in main battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), and other tracked, high-noise vehicles. It is also suitable, without ANR, for aviation ground crews requiring head protection.

Summary of Features

  • High noise attenuation, circa 35 dB with ANR
  • Retrofitable digital ANR
  • Talk-through circuit
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • Optional soft liner and accessories
  • Optional “bump-only” or ballistic outer shell (requires soft liner)


The RA315 IHS is available for a variety of intercom systems supporting ANR, enabling improved speech intelligibility and hearing protection for crews in high-noise vehicles.

Optional soft liners offer excellent bump protection and ventilation, and depending on the liner, the headset may be configured with or without a neckband spring, optimizing fit while maintaining comfort.

The soft liner supports a removable outer protective shell that can be removed and stowed when the vehicle is operated in closed-down mode. Protective shells are available in a choice of sizes and colors, and may be “bump only” or ballistic, with a V50 rating of 400-650 m/s.

Features electromagnetic filters and shielding to help protect against high radiated field strengths, important for crews in a head-out situation close to a propagating antenna.

Ordering Information

The RA315 IHS is a flexible three-part system comprising of the headset, an optional soft liner, and an optional outer shell. Most configurations offer ANR and talk-through as standard and will support a variety of leading supplier intercoms.

In some existing configurations, the outer shell is an add-on item and depending on the soft liner specified, there may be an optional neckband spring fitted as standard.

For more information or to place an order, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com

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