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RA155 Atlantic military aviation headset is lightweight, provides clear radio communications with hearing protection, and supports crew comfort during long missions. Ideal for use in transport and observation aircraft.

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About RA155 Atlantic

The RA155 Atlantic headset provides high levels of noise attenuation for aircrew and groundcrew, enabling clear intelligible communications, reducing user fatigue and preventing hearing damage. The over-head adjustable headband and ear cushions are designed for user comfort. The headset can be customised to suit a wide variety of airframes and equipment.


Active Noise Reduction (ANR) modules (option)


High intelligibility stereo communications

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Customised cables

RA155 Atlantic Technology

RA155 Atlantic incorporates lightweight moulded earshells to provide a high level of passive noise attenuation, particularly effective at low frequencies in reducing communication problems. Foam dampers within the earshells provide acoustic filtering to ensure attenuation performance and communication response are optimised across the audio band of frequencies. Optional Active Noise Reduction (ANR) modules increase attenuation levels.

Adjustable headband

Lightweight, sprung, and fully adjustable headband optimises attenuation while maintaining user comfort.

Mask clip

Oxygen mask attachment clips allow the headset to be used with breathing equipment.

Articulated boom microphone

High noise-cancelling dynamic or electret microphone options, with articulation hinge allowing the microphone to be moved out of the way when not required.

RA155 Cockpit (L91220_4)

RA155 Atlantic Product Details

RA155 Atlantic headsets deliver clear communications and hearing protection in high-noise aviation environments. Comfortable earpads are polyurethane-covered to provide an excellent seal to the head with minimum pressure. Noise-cancelling microphones are highly effective in most applications. For extreme ambient-noise conditions, optional enhancements include proprietary Active Noise Reduction (ANR) modules, high-power transducers and throat microphones.

  • High Noise Attenuation

    Passive and optional Active Noise Reduction (ANR) features protect the hearing of users exposed to high levels of noise; the headset achieves high levels of noise attenuation.

  • Fit and Comfort

    The contoured earshells, improved comfort ear cushions, and fully adjustable padded headband ensure an optimised and comfortable fit.

  • Hygiene Covers

    Removable and washable cotton covers are available for the ear cushions and headband, useful where headsets will be shared by different users.

  • Equipment Compatibility

    The audio interface can be customised for low and high impedance systems, and terminated in appropriate connectors for the airframe.

Additional information

Additional Information

The RA155 Atlantic headset downlead is factory configured and terminated into the required connector with pinout and audio levels to match the attached equipment impedance and signal levels, enabling the headset to support clear mono or stereo communications, with high-power earphone transducers available as an option. A range of noise-cancelling microphones is available to suit operational requirements, with in-line amplifiers if required. Earcup connector options enable a throat microphone to be attached, particularly effective in very high-noise environments. Oxygen mask clips also available as an option. Downlead cables can be customised for length and connectivity, including a variety of in-line press-to-talk (PTT) switches. Optional Active Noise Reduction (ANR) modules can be added, which require DC power from either the airframe or battery packs.

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