9 December 2020

Racal Acoustics launch new RA4000 Magna Air website content

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We’ve launched a new section of our website that features the RA4000 Magna Air headset.

The RA4000 Magna advanced digital headset is for use in high noise environments and delivers best-in-class hearing protection, communication intelligibility and situational awareness. The RA4000 Magna Air has been tuned specifically for high-noise aviation environments.

The RA4000 Magna headset offers unprecedented performance in hearing protection, communications intelligibility, high reliability and versatility, for outstanding overall value. As a complete solution it offers modular, customisable, and upgradeable features and accessories to match specific task requirements and extend useful life.

The RA4000 is built on a fully digital architecture, using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and a software defined feature-set to deliver high levels of performance for demanding applications. The headset can be reconfigured for use with future communications equipment since the software is easily upgradeable over USB interface. An optional 3D engine supports up to 8 audio channels in a virtual 3D environment.

You can visit the new web pages by clicking here

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Posted 9 December 2020