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Low-profile RA250 Slimline Handset compatible with combat helmets, offers versatile microphone, earphone and control options.

RA250 slimline US army V2

About RA250 Slimline Handset

The low-profile RA250 Slimline Handset family has a wide variety of variants suitable for a variety of communication applications; provides clear communications in demanding environments; works with low-cut helmets; and offers versatile microphone, earphone, and control options. The handset design achieves military standards for operations, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility.


Helmet compatibility

Low Maintenance_White

Low maintenance


Repairable design

Harsh Environment_White

Military specification for harsh environments

RA250 Handset technology

The material selection and robust military design solidly assures your clear communication each and every time. The slimline, ergonomic design places the RA250 ideally for use within both the battlefield and command-room environments. Flexible design, configurable across multiple communication devices and applications. Low maintenance and rugged design that reduces whole-life costs.


Variety of earphones to match your communication system needs.


Multiple microphones to match your communication system needs.

Downlead and connector

Straight and coiled cable options with communications connector configured for specific system requirements.


RA250 Product Details

The RA250 Slimline Handset is designed and manufactured to survive in demanding defence environments whilst remaining a light and slender construction.

  • Clear communications

    High quality microphone and earphones ensure clear transmit and receive communications.

  • Slimline design

    Side-mounted press-to-talk (PTT) and slim earpiece housing ensure easy and comfortable use.

  • Colour

    Handset body colour options of black or green.

  • Ease of maintenance

    Modular, repairable design allows the handset to be maintained with standard workshop tools and equipment.

RA250 slimline US army
Additional information

Additional information

The downlead is factory configured and terminated into the required connector with pinout and audio levels to match the attached equipment. The handset is designed to meet MIL-STD 810 environmental conditions with MIL-STD 461 electromagnetic conformity. Its robust, waterproof design is certified to withstand shock, vibration, dust, sand, humidity, salt fog, driving rain, immersion, solar, altitude and fungal exposure. Typical operating temperature between – 40 and + 63 degrees Celsius.

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