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The RA3185 Cobra headset is designed for dismounted use in low-noise environments, where hearing protection is not required and providing unimpaired situational awareness.

RA3185 cobra +PTT Uk army 12.jreducced

About RA3185 Cobra headset

The RA3185 is a modular, lightweight design, comprising of an earpiece, wind-cancelling boom microphone, headstrap and press-to-talk (PTT) options. The Cobra headset family has many variants and is compatible across a wide range of communication systems.

RA3185 cobra +PTT Uk army 12.jreducced

17 February 2021

RA3185 Cobra

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Low maintenance


Modular design



RA3185 Cobra technology

The open design of the headset maximises situational awareness in low noise environments and can be adapted for left or right ear listening.
The wind-cancelling microphone assists with clear communication. The slim profile makes the headset compatible with most circumaural hearing protectors and helmet systems.


Slimline design; left or right-side wear options; 100 and 300 Ohm earphone options.


Wind-cancelling flexible boom arm with electret and dynamic microphone options.

Interconnect options

Cable length, connector, and press-to-talk (PTT) options to interface with selected communication device.


RA3185 Product Details

The RA3185 Cobra headset system is lightweight, slimline and modular making this communication headset compatible with most body-worn equipment. The configurable design enables Cobra to connect directly to radios, and includes single and dual-channel press-to-talk (PTT) options.

  • Clear communications

    High-quality, robust earphones and microphones ensure clarity of communications whilst maintaining unhindered situational awareness.

  • Comfortable and lightweight

    Flexible shape and lightweight, with a choice of headstraps, ear cushion options and helmet clip for comfort, fit and stability.

  • Modular design

    Widely configurable to interface with a variety of communication systems.

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Additional information

Additional information

The RA3185 Modular Cobra Headset is a single-sided headset ideal for dismounted military users and low-noise applications. Cobra is EMI resistant, physically rugged, and dust and water protected, designed for use in low-noise environments where hearing protection is typically not required. The supra-aural design allows for unimpaired situational awareness.

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