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RA5001 Raptor

RA5001 Raptor headset delivers combined Passive and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) for excellent speech intelligibility and hearing protection, in a slim profile compatible with helmets.

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About RA5001 Raptor

Raptor combines monaural or binaural communication, hearing protection, intelligibility and situational awareness into a lightweight, comfortable and extremely rugged design. It is ideal for use with next-generation commercial and military intercom systems in wheeled vehicles, shelters, and tactical operation centres. The press-to-talk (PTT) unit reduces the head borne weight and allows users to select between microphone, listen-only and radio modes.

RA5000 raptor US army 03

17 February 2021

RA5001 Raptor


Active Noise Reduction (ANR)


High intelligibility binaural communications


Stereo situational awareness


Battery powered Talk Through


Helmet compatibility

RA5001 Raptor headset technology

The RA5001 Raptor headset includes many design improvements based on more than six years of feedback from users of its very successful precursor, the RA5000 Raptor. Its environmental and electromagnetic compatibility has been upgraded in line with the most challenging specifications (MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F).

PTT Control module

Ergonomically designed press-to-talk (PTT) unit reduces head borne weight and houses AA battery for dismounted operation.

Boom microphone

Noise-cancelling, anti-magnetic, waterproof flexible boom microphone can be attached to left or right earcup to suit user needs.

Slim profile earcup

The slim profile earcup fits up-and-under close-fitting ACH-style helmets for ballistic defence and excellent hearing protection.


RA5001 Product Details

The Raptor headset is a comfortable fit under standard ballistic helmets, including PASGT, ACH and derivatives, or with a soft liner and our associated helmets. The ear-cup design ensures unobstructed cheek-to-stock weld when operating weapons and no interference with body-armour/collars. The press-to-talk (PTT) control module is typically worn on the vest, attached via large MOLLE-compatible reversible equipment clip.

  • Noise Attenuation

    Passive and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) features protect the hearing of users exposed to medium levels of continuous noise. The headset achieves medium to high levels of noise attenuation.

  • Local Sound Awareness and Talk-Through

    The user can enable talk-through to hear local environment sounds at safe levels (<85dBA), to maintain situational awareness of hazards or permit face-to-face conversations without defeating the hearing protection.

  • Battery powered talk-through

    The Talk-through feature is powered from the attached equipment or from a single AA sized battery when dismounted.

  • Fit and Comfort

    The specially contoured earcups, ear cushions and adjustable neckband ensure enhanced comfortable fit and reduced fatigue when used with the helmet.

  • Communication Intercom compatibility

    We offer a wide range of headset variants compatible with all popular vehicle intercom and radio systems, supporting live or switched microphone and single or dual press-to-talk (PTT) options.

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Additional information

Additional information

The headset downlead is factory configured and terminated into the required connector with pinout and audio levels to match the attached equipment, enabling the headset to support mono or stereo communications. The in-line press-to-talk (PTT) control unit contains a three-position PTT toggle switch, talk-through on/off button and a respirator/gas mask microphone socket (overrides the boom microphone). The headset draws external power from the attached equipment for Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and electronic talk-through features (13V to 33V DC supply required). Talk-through can also be battery powered, a waterproof battery compartment accepts 1 x AA battery. The headset has been independently, fully certified to MIL-STD-810G for harsh environments including temperature extremes, shock, bump, impact, vibration, dust, sand, humidity, mist, salt fog, driving rain, immersion, solar, altitude, fungal and fluid contamination. Electromagnetic certification to MIL-STD-461F at 50V/m field strength. See the product brochure for full performance specifications.

Optional Accessories


We develop customisable solutions tailored specifically to exact end user applications for use in tracked, wheeled vehicles, dismounted and tactical applications.

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Through our life support solutions we are able to control whole life costs and extend service life by improving availability and controls.

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