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RA4000 Magna advanced digital headset for use in high noise environments delivers best-in-class hearing protection, communication intelligibility and situational awareness.

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About RA4000 Magna™

The RA4000 Magna headset offers unprecedented performance in hearing protection, communications intelligibility, high reliability and versatility, for outstanding overall value. As a complete solution it offers modular, customisable, and upgradeable features and accessories to match specific task requirements and extend useful life.

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17 February 2021

RA4000 Magna™ Air


Active Noise Reduction (ANR) SNR 34


High intelligibility binaural communications


Accurate binaural situational awareness


Full protection even from AA battery


Upgradeable software defined features

RA4000 Magna™ advanced digital headset

RA4000 is built on a fully digital architecture, using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and a software defined feature-set to deliver high levels of performance for demanding applications. The headset can be reconfigured for use with future communications equipment since the software is easily upgradeable over USB interface. An optional 3D engine supports up to 8 audio channels in a virtual 3D environment.

Quick connect downleads

Connects to any intercom or radio communication system via detachable downleads, featuring quick-release connector.

Easy to use

Ergonomic control buttons for communication and situational awareness volume levels, modes of operation, and integral 3-position press-to talk (PTT) switch.

High performance microphone

The plug-in, high performance, noise-cancelling flexible boom microphone is waterproof and anti-magnetic for clear communication and enhanced reliability.


Product Details

The RA4000 Magna digital headset has been engineered to address current operator requirements with state-of-the-art solutions in electronics, materials and ergonomics in a product category that has typically relied on older technologies. The RA4000 Magna over-ear headset offers unprecedented performance in hearing protection, sound quality, reliability and versatility, for outstanding overall value.

  • High noise attenuation

    Exceptional Passive and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) features protect the hearing of users exposed to high levels of continuous noise. The headset achieves noise attenuation levels of 34dB SNR.

  • Maximum protection at all times

    Integral AA battery compartment powers Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and talk-through, ensuring users benefit from maximum hearing protection even when untethered from a communication system.

  • Local sound awareness and talk-through

    The user can enable talk-through to hear local environment sounds at safe levels (<85dBA), to maintain situational awareness of hazards or permit face-to-face conversations without defeating the hearing protection.

  • Robust and waterproof

    The robust mechanical design and construction survives rough handling in harsh environments; wind and rain, snow and ice are not a problem. IP68 rated, the headset withstands immersion in water.

  • Headset wearing options

    Popular mission configurations include over-the-head headband, adjustable soft helmet liner with chin strap, behind-the-head neckband with over-head strap, or combinations of these plus a range of optional helmets.

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Additional information

The downlead interface cable can be detached from the headset earshell, allowing other types of downleads to be easily attached, with a range of interface cables available to suit wide array of different communication equipment.

Where the attached equipment can provide a source of power (4.5V to 36V DC) the headset can operate from this supply; otherwise the headset is fully functional from an internal AA battery.

The headset has been independently fully qualified to MIL-STD-810G for harsh environments including temperature extremes, shock, bump, impact, vibration, dust, sand, humidity, mist, salt fog, driving rain, immersion, solar, altitude, fungal and fluid contamination. Electromagnetic certification to MIL-STD-461F at 50V/m field strength. High reliability, with mean time between failure (MTBF) of 42,710 hours. The headset is CE marked, RoHS compliant and is not subject to export controls. See the product brochure for full performance specifications.

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